Changing The Way People Rent Across Africa

With Muster, we are going to change the way people rent across Africa.

In a continent where average rent is higher than the average salary, Muster solves the Affordability problem through an AI powered peer-to-peer shared housing market place. enables pre-screened property seekers to connect to other pre-screened property seekers looking for rent-share.

Muster essentially connects people looking for other people to rent apartments together, people that already have apartments and want to sublet part of it, property owners that have properties that can be shared by two or more people/companies as well as co-working locations .

Our target market is typically young professionals with an age range of 20 - 35yrs old, international holiday seekers and entrepreneurs, though there are plans to include student focused accommodation into our bracket. With Muster, we are trying to build a global brand for affordable living.